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Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System
Uniformed Capability Requirements for UN Peacekeeping 
Dear Military Advisers and other PCRS users, The new Uniformed Capability Requirements paper is available. Please read it and share it with your colleagues working on UN Peacekeeping in your home countries. Thank you, The FGS team.
Submission of Nomination Documents for Military Personnel 
Dear Military Advisers, The Office of Military Affairs circulated a fax to all TCCs regarding the submission of nomination documents for military personnel. Please make sure all your submissions are in accordance with the instructions provided. This will help expediting the deployment of Staff Officers and Military Experts to field missions. Thank you, The FGS team.
SOP on Force Cdr and Sector Cdrs Evaluation of Military Entities 
The new SOP on Force Cdr's and Sector Cdr's Evaluation of Military Entities in Peacekeeping Operations is available
The new Operational Readiness Assurance and Performance Improvement policy is available 
New Engineers Manual available 
The Military Engineers Manual is now available under PCRS reference.
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